Aswakowit Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. It had started dealing Raw Cotton business in Thailand market. Then, it has continuously increased business in Yarn, Synthetic Fibers – Polyester Staple Fiber, Viscose Staple Fiber--, Polyester Filaments – POY, FDY, DTY--, Towels and Fabrics till now. Besides, it has increased from 1 single market to worldwide markets. Presently, it is dealing business with many countries such as Vietnam, India, UAE, South America, Turkey, and etc. It has now branch networks in Pakistan, India, China, and Vietnam.

Since Aswakowit Co., Ltd. sounds Thai image, its management had decided to create a name which sounds International image. ASWAKOV is the finally selected name. Then, ASWAKOV was registered as its Trademark in Thailand.

ASWAKOV has its mission of aiming at worldwide needs of Textiles Raw Materials by satisfying worldwide customers’ needs while it promises to be a company who has social responsibility in both Thai society and worldwide society.


  ASWAKOV® is the registered Trademark of Aswakowit Co., Ltd.

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